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Stickyseat Winter riding pants and tights offer exceptional comfort and value.

We feature Polartec Fleece Fabrics – for their uncompromising feel, durability and the fact that they are made here in the USA.  We use the Powerstretch and the WindPro versions.

Powerstretch Fleece is super cozy – we call it a 3 season fleece – it has a soft fuzzy interior and a smooth outer face to deflect hay and hair.  The fluffy fleece helps regulate body temperature and offers a nice cushion.  We don’t add cross thigh seams or any other bulk adding seams – just a flatlock seam on the outer leg to give a smooth slimming line.  I love these brisk days or even wet rides in the spring – they dry super fast.

WindPro is said to be 4 times warmer than fleece.  It has a dense brushed fleece interior that has a very low pile – and a velvety feel against the skin – the “hard” outer face is tightly knit to repel both wind and water – these tights and pants are super warm and yet remain comfy and cozy.  Barn Chores by ATV, cross country skiing or sleigh driving are all great uses when not on horseback.  Mud season is a breeze – the mud cakes on and then flakes off – these always wash up great and look news for seasons.

All technical fabrics have a tendency to be inherently slippery.  So, Stickyseat grip  seats and grip legs are a fantastic improvement to these tights.  Remember – we fuse the Stickyseat and sticky grip leg to the exterior face of the tight – you will not feel the grip against your skin at all.  The grips give you a non slip surface – but don’t dangerously adhere you to the tack
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